Metatopia Schedule

I will be playtesting two games at Metatopia this year, Six Guns Without Master and Ill Counsel (which is severely under-represented on this site i.e. not at all).

The schedule:

Ill Counsel at 10pm – 12am on Friday
Six Guns without Master at 4-6pm Saturday, 10pm – midnight on Saturday and 10am – 12pm on Sunday. 
Sunday’s session is being billed as #SundayAM6Guns, the first offshoot of Sunday Morning Swords!
Hope to see some/all of you there!

“…builded by human hand and brain…”

The question arises: why “Human Hand and Brain?”

My wife grew up in Wilkes-Barre, PA. There is a bridge there that she would talk about. One part of its dedication stuck in my head:

 in the INDUSTRY builded by human hand and brain, on our mineral resources, we owe growth, influence and welfare.

It never really left me and I think it has a certain resonance to all creative endeavors – gaming included.