A Non-random Randomizer

mona lisa dice

I recently got around to reading The Warren by Marshall Miller. The Warren is a Powered by the Apocalypse game based on rabbit fiction like Watership Down. It has some really elegant design. My very favorite bit – and what inspired this post –  is the Compete move. For those who don’t know (and really, you should) when two players compete they both hide a d6 in their hand and simultaneously reveal it. If one has a higher value, that player gets their way and chooses one of the two values as the stress that both players’ characters take.  If it’s a tie, they both take stress and no one wins.

I absolutely love how this move uses dice in a non-random way! I posted about this to Google Plus and John Aegard mentioned that Riddle of Steel had a different non-random dice mechanic. Competing players held a red or white die in your hand and revealed it simultaneously with their opponent. A red die is an attack, a white die is a defense and undefended attacks succeed automatically.

This got me thinking. How else could dice be used in a non-random manner?

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